To assume is to make an ass out of you, and me.

2-gals-ba-and-white-wordpressThis piece was inspired by the idea that although there has been much advancement in the discussion of gender theory and non-binary identities in particular, some assumptions still prevail, even within the LGBTQ community. The idea that a girl with a shaved head must be a lesbian, although a laughable concept, still exists. Assumptions build barriers and alienate individuals from the community, the illustration was inspired by Victorian profiles and represents two figures that identify as non-binary, yet have very different ‘aesthetics’, their actual identity differs from the assumptions people carry with them about these figures.

The most progressive thing you can do, is to never assume and we will only reach true liberation when no-one needs to declare anything, because we treat everyone as human, with no assumptions clouding the way.

This piece is featured in the first issue of Spectrum, a feminist queer zine seeking to question and break down barriers of all kinds for all people.

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