Sigil Magick 101

Nov 21, 2020

What is sigil magick?

How do you create a sigil and why would you?

Recording and reflecting on results.

Meditating upon Manuscripts

Nov, 2020

How would medieval Christians use illustrated manuscripts to connect to God?

How can we, as modern occult practioners use manuscripts to similar effect?

Narratives of the flesh: The Fragmented Male Body in Dada

How Dada represented the grotesque reality of the male body in Weimar Germany- broken, reconstructed and stripped of masculinity.

Otto Dix, The Skat Players, Card Playing War Invalids, (1920) Oil and collage on canvas, 110 × 87 cm, Nationalgalerie, Staatliche Museen, Berlin

Pop Art: the non-European, non-white, non-male artists who had bite

An essay which examines International Pop as ‘Pop Art was never just a celebration of western consumer culture, but was often a subversive international language of protest.’ International Pop Art showcases the themes of Western Pop but in a more direct response to the fallout of WWII, the conflict in Vietnam and the rise of Communism.

Evelyne Axell, Valentine 1966. Oil paint, zip-fastener and helmet on canvas, unconfirmed: 1330 x 830 mm. London: Tate Collection, acquired 2016.

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