The O.O

The Original Outsiders is a vintage brand that I founded in January 2016, I curate and photograph unique women’s wear and accessories to sell online and at vintage fairs across Edinburgh.

The brand is focused on high-quality and unique pieces, vintage should not be a synonym for poor quality or over-used. Vintage clothing should be curated with an eye for the unusual, I strive to buy pieces that will fit the individual, creative modern woman.

The beautiful and talented Naja Mahler has modelled for the brand for nearly a year now, check out her wonderful blog

close cuffs[1]
1990s Dennis the Mennis football jersey from LA
front 3[1]
1970s summer midi dress from Tahiti
zoom 1[2]
1980s Bavarian woollen shirt with brass buttons and embroidery
1970s crepe cubist blouse
front delete one[1]
1980s sun dress from Hawaii

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