Crumble illustration copy.jpg
Illustration for Crumble Architectural Magazine, published in Risograph, February 2018.



columnist illustration
Ithell Colquhoun Inspired Illustration, published alongside an article on the artist in The Columnist, Issue 8, 2017.



sorry final upload
Artistic Appropriation. Published alongside artist statement in The Columnist, 2017.



real starry lady[1]
Under the Skin.
Falling Lady



H naked lady
Naked Lady H. Letter published in The Grey People Exhibition Catalogue, March 2017.



Written on the Body. Illustration for ‘The Politics of Female Nudity’ article, published in TellTale Magazine, February 2017.




Triptych for Megan Wallace’s poem, Prohibted Pleasures. Published in Spectrum Magazine, January 2017.

A poem written by Megan Wallace, the talented founder and editor of Spectrum Zine, an online publication testing the boundaries of where queer feminism can go. The words were inspired by Rossetti’s Goblin Market, a literary gem in erotic poetry that is swathed in metaphor.

I created three panels illustrating the poem that are intended to be read in a cycle- endlessly repeating.

Check out Megan’s beautiful Instagram- @_go_fish

Spectrum Magazine Online







Homo. Part of diptych published in Venus Magazine, 2016.

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