The Woman in Black Illustration.


the-woman-in-balck-title-done-wordpressThis illustration accompanies an article I wrote titled The Woman in Black which can be found in the word section of this site, I wanted to create a very simplistic caricature (a very flattering one!) of myself, I had thought about doing a self-portrait in the form of a very plain photo, but the idea of wearing a uniform is so liberating because you almost become faceless, so hence why I chose to depict myself- or a loose impression of me- as a drawing to accompany the words.

You can see my initial scan in of the calligraphy was a wee bit smudged- that’s because of coffee- Coffee, well any beverage in the artist’s hand causes chaos, almost certainly. But luckily for me, my very limited Photoshop skills enabled me to correct it and voila no coffee ink splurges to be found.

A couple of years ago, an ink splodge would have made me panic, but illustration doesn’t have to be perfect first time, luckily, sometimes, technology really does have your back!

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