The Original Outsiders Logo.





The Original Outsiders is an eclectic collection of vintage clothing and accessories for men and women and it started as a project in exploring how eccentric vintage can be used to create different characters, exaggerated facets of your own personality, using clothing as a weapon for you to conquer the world!

These designs were for my business cards and inspired by my extraordinary flatmate who creates fantastical and amazing bird costumes for the Edinburgh Beltane Festival. The aesthetic had to be tough yet kind of sweet and in showing this image to my friends, I got a lot of ‘oh it looks like a Tim Burton’, which I suppose is good if it mixes the bitter and the sweet.

You can see my colour combinations and variations before the final tones, I really am a fane of duck egg blue and teal, so the final colour is a mix between the two, and of course my favourite mustard yellow had to make an appearance on the spikes of the cloak!

Check out my vintage Etsy here-

The website here-

Stay tuned for beautiful pieces dropping on the sites soon, and try and catch me at The Out of the Blue Drill Hall Flea Market in Leith, usually the last Saturday of each month!

Drill Hall-


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